Sunday, June 19, 2005

Blond Men As "Fair" Game

Steve Sailer did it. He broke the silence about Hollywood's hatred of blond men in his most recent VDARE article "Blond Bad Guys—Hollywood’s Other Obsession wherein he observes:
Exactly why Hollywood hates blond men almost as much as it loves blond women is not clear.

As a heterosexual blond boomer male I can tell you a lot of reasons why:

  • Its War: Nordic men are good at it. Just look at what the Norwegians did to the Germans when they came for the women. Look at what the Finns did when the Russians came for their women. Going back a bit further in history, look at what the Vikings did to the rest of Europe when the Christians came for their women. And look what the Goths did when the Romans came for their women. The only way to make blond men submissive is to dishonor them and there's no better way to dishonor them than to take a weird technology that bypasses the critical faculties and projects life-like images directly to the amygdala where normal responses of outrage are short-circuited. This didn't start with Hollywood of course -- stage productions have been doing this sort of thing for a lot longer. Moreover its quite likely that it was no coincidence that Iceland adopted Christianity and outlawed Holmganga within a decade of each other. The normal response of these men to having their honor besmirched is to challenge the varlet to single combat to the death. Remove that from them and they are far less of a problem for civil authorities and far more likely to have a belly full of hate when needed for mass warfare by those same "Christian" authorities.
  • Its Women: When you have an essentially polygynous culture -- especially one that has a low male mortality rate due to avoidance of combat roles -- looking around for options -- for what farmers call "multiplier herds" -- what better place to look than at the women of the men you've made submissive? This has also been going on for a long time but the baby boom generation was party time for the urbane elites. Here we had an historically rural ethny, the first generation of which:

    • Both:

      • With no substantial connection to their family's farming heritage and therefore critically reliant on income for subsistence necessities of food and shelter.
      • Deprived of the cradle-to-grave job security (that seduced their GI parents away from their farming heritage) and therefore unable to acquire a secure source of money.

    • Subjected to the polygynist's triple dream of:

      • Sexual liberation.
      • Feminism.
      • Gay liberation (for the other guy).

There had never been a greater opportunity for erotic imperialism in the history of humanity and, given diseases like AIDS, may never be again. As always, there was just one big problem -- how to get the men who aren't yours to submit.

Moreover, during this same era there was a ramp up of ethnic-based sexual slavery in the US prison system targeting blond men. Aside from the Human Rights Watch's admission that whites are preferred target for prisoner rape it is a not-too-surprising fact that, among whites, blond men are the most targeted for sexual slavery by "minority" ethnic gangs (that are the ethnic majority in most prisons). You might say they are "fair" game. Every time a blond man sits down to sign a tax return or do anything that supplies the government with legitimacy, he signs away his honor, and very humanity, so long as the government's authority is tainted by this sort of extortive threat.

Fundamentally, what we are seeing in reactions of much of the elite to blond men is similar in character to what Steven Spielberg portrayed in "Schindler's List" where a German guard goes haywire and starts picking off captive Jews with his rifle due to his hysterical reaction to his own moral depravity.

At some point, if you are part of a machine that is committing enough short-sighted self-serving crime and you wake up to that fact, you have a choice: you can either untie your victim and let him go or you can kill him and hope no one cares nor is the wiser.

We're now to the point that if someone like me, a man whose father left a Quaker meeting to fight the Germans before Pearl Harbor, desires secession based on genetic heritage -- he is automatically and aggressively attacked as "supremacist". Its clear why this is going on. The aggressors are realizing they have committed demographic rape and are afraid to let the victim go.