Sunday, June 05, 2005

Salter's fitness taxonomy of ideologies

One of my favorite books is Frank Salter's "On Genetic Interests: Family, Ethny and Humanity in an Age of Mass Migration". People interested in various ideologies should look at Salter’s graphics starting on page 170 which show the “fitness portfolios” of those ideologies.  I provide a tabular representation of those graphics here.  The following columns are labeled S, O, E and H which stand for Self, Offspring, Ethny and Humanity respectively.  The value in each column is the relative level of investment from 0 to 9, with * meaning “not quite 0”:

SOEH Ideology
1108 Radical Christianity
4105 Communism
5103 Humanism
9100 Capitalism
721* Universal Nationalism
4240 National Socialism
721* Multiculturalism for Minorities
7201 Multiculturalism for Majorities

Salter's argument is that "Universal Nationalism" is an evolutionarily stable strategy and is desirable from the basic principle that perpetuation of identity is desirable.

PS: I don’t think I agree with Salter that the ideology of multiculturalism for minorities is evolutionarily stable.  Multiculturalism demands that majorities give up territories to minorities until there is some definition of "diversity" achieved within those territories. Moreover, minorities are encouraged to dispense with broader concerns until they have achieved "parity" in all territories.

In effect, under multiculturalism, these minorities are sanctioned aggressors—successful aggressors at that.  They are to make disproportionate investments in their ethny by harming humanity for the higher goal of multiculturalism.  I would put it at something more like:

SOEH Ideology
832- Multiculturalism for Minorities

Where ‘-’ represents “defection against” or a zero-sum game where resources are acquired from.

Likewise, I’d differ from Salter in his estimates of multiculturalism for majorities:

SOEH Ideology
51-5 Multiculturalism for Majorities

In other words, multiculturalism demands that majorities invest: as individuals like humanists, as parents like capitalists, as ethny like defectors (like minorities defect toward humanity) and as humans like communists.

An archetypical multiculturalist majoritarian is Bill Gates, who is living a reasonable lifestyle for a billionare but still relatively austere, leaving a minimum inheritance to his children, defecting against his ethny (via his public positions advocating global panmixia and H-1b visas) and giving away his entire fortune to humanity.