Monday, August 19, 2013

Breakout Labs-Funded Prototype of Atmospheric Vortex Engine Nears Completion

The most newsworthy events are, for some reason, never reported by big news services.

For example, experiments that could change the world are imminent.

The Atmospheric Vortex Engine prototype funded by Breakout Labs is nearing completion.   The current state of construction is in this picture taken by the inventor's son, Eric Michaud:

Click the aforelinked "Wired" article for a description of the project.

Is this description "could change the world" hyperbolic?

Well, Thiel's vision for Breakout Labs rather demands that if you are worthy of funding, you will likely be accused by militant ignoramouses of being hyperbolic in your claims.

I don't know what Dr. Michaud actually proposed to Breakout Labs but for the answer as to whether I am being hyperbolic in my description of the potential importance of the soon-to-be-commenced experiments, here is what I suggested that Louis Michaud send to Breakout Labs as his proposal for his Atmosphic Vortex Engine:


Dear Dr. Michaud,

The Paypal co-founder, Peter Thiel, requests revolutionary proposals.  He is doing this through Breakout Labs.  The application page is at this link.  Both he and another Paypal founder, Elon Musk are partial to space development.  Since I am familiar with that interest, I've written my suggestion for two sections of a proposal to build your initial model.  This propsal also addresses Dr. Fiedler's concern voiced when, of his review of the CFD models of tornadoes, he said, "I found CFD codes are surprisingly untested for high Reynolds number vortices."


James Bowery, Research Analyst
Diogenes Institute

Atmospheric Vortex Engine
Develop sufficient understanding of vortices with high Reynolds numbers, such as tornadoes and hurricanes to allow investment in construction of full scale Atmospheric Vortex Engines.  This would be accomplished by building a model AVE capable of generating an atmospheric vortex approximately 100 meters high.  Measurements made on this vortex would then refine existing CFD models of vortices -- models which are surprisingly untested for high Reynolds numbers. 
The CFD model, validated for high Reynolds number vortices, would then be applied to the design of larger scale AVE’s to estimate their performance.  The economics full scale AVEs would then be evaluated and, if found profitable, provide start of a business plan.

10 Peta Watts renewable baseload electrical generation with no pollution.  The global deployment of AVEs turns the Earth into a heat engine using space for its heat sink.  The work of these heat engines is turned into electrical power by compact, high power turbines. 
Deploying AVEs in the tropical oceans would provide ocean settlements with copious quantities of fresh water rain and electrical power while controlling hurricanes.  These settlements would reduce population pressures while developing new options for voluntary experiments in the social sciences that may prove useful in existing polities as well as potential new space settlements.


An addendum:

I had neglected to mention that Peter Thiel is the primary underwriter for The Seasteading Institute; the potential of the AVE to facilitate oceanic settlements is uniquely positioned for his support.  Moreover, Peter Thiel is largely motivated by his radical libertarian views which include support of alternative lifestyles, such as his own gay orientation.  Therefore, the verbiage in my suggested "LONG TERM VISION STATEMENT" appealing to "voluntary experiments in the social sciences" supported by oceanic settlements, directly addresses his core values.

The connection between his core values and Seasteading is made by an article written by Peter Thiel for the CATO institute titled "The Education of a Libertarian".