Thursday, September 01, 2016


A few weeks ago, when my mother, in her 90's, asked me to please take a couple of boxes "of yours." I was curious as to what they could be.  Tonight, I finally got around to looking through them.  They included everything from a teddy bear to high school newspapers for which I wrote articles.   When I ran across this very short story written for my high school English class, I have to admit:  I was a little spooked.  Those familiar with me and my rather unique world view will recognize its major themes:  
  • The evolution of virulence in horizontal transmission
  • The evolution of eusociality as anathema to sexual individualism
  • The absurdity of unlimited exponential reproduction
  • Birth control abuse as auto-genocide, and 
  • The illusion of "communism" as "the enemy" when there is something far more virulent and world-threatening operating at a biological level.