Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Hello, I'm Karl Hallowell and I'd like to thank Jim Bowery for hosting me on his site. While anyone who can type comprehensible
sentences, is qualified to blog, I bring an unusual and hopefully useful outlook.
I currently am about half way
through a PhD in math (a big "thank you" to UC Davis for supporting my academic efforts).
The general subject is mathematical physics with a narrow focus on particular quantum field theory
systems. Maybe, if there's interest, I can talk about that later.

I also have worked in IT as a coder for Hewlett Packard for a couple of years and dabbled in amateur space rocketry.
Finally, I have long participated in the Foresight Exchange, a reputation-based
betting market on future events in science, politics, business, and global events. In the process, I have become
roughly the second or third highest player on that site (depending on how you measure it and
on how well my near competitors are faring at the time). That last part qualifies me as an amateur (since I'm not
paid) futurologist, for better or worse. And I have to say, futurology is much cleaner now than in the days of chicken
entrails. So I bring experience from both academia and business, plus a few interesting hobbies.

I prefer to assume as little about reality as possible, but of course, there are
hidden and implied assumptions underlying many of my thoughts and opinions. Also, I will commit errors on occasion. So buyer beware! I probably will range over
many topics from scientific discoveries or engineering breakthroughs to the vagaries of politics, culture, and economics.
Please post feedback either as a comment (I plan to always enable comments) or email.What can I provide that interests you?